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Harvey Room and Grounds


Harvey Room

A large garage has been converted now as a useful multi-purpose space. It can be heated with a wood-burning closed stove.

There is a folding table-tennis table, stacking chairs for 24 people and 4 folding tables. All can be cleared away leaving open space for other activities. There is an upright piano. There is an accessible toilet, and down 3 steps, a small kitchen with kettle and mugs.


There is a locked cellar to the house, down steep and slippery steps.

This is NOT available to Barmoor users.


A paved path in front of the house leads to a verandah around the front door, which is a favourite outdoor sitting space. The semi-glazed area on the west side of the house has now been removed as it had deteriorated beyond recall, but it still provides a sheltered clothes-drying space. There is also an outside washing line.


Grounds and garden

Barmoor is on a sloping site, which enhances views from the property, but needs appropriate care moving about. The garden is laid out to two terraces which are maintained in a rough condition. The upper lawn has two picnic tables. The lower lawn was originally used for tennis but now can be used for other physical games.

A barbecue site is provided. No outside fires are allowed anywhere else. Camping is not allowed, as it is strictly controlled in the National Park.

Play equipment

There is a small wooden climbing frame and swing with slide on the corner of the lower lawn. There are two goals for small scale football. For responsible users there is a tattered croquet set for a rather chaotic game round the molehills. One tree has a tyre swing which proves very popular with young users. Supervision is needed if younger children are part of the party.

Car park

The car parking area inside the gate will accept up to 8 cars if parked tidily. Additional parking on the moor outside the gate is acceptable if not obstructing agricultural traffic. Otherwise park on the public road.


The two fields in front and to the west of Barmoor belong to Barmoor Trust.  They are let to a local organic farmer. We offer a private footpath from the stile on the eastern edge of the lower garden to join the public footpath at the bottom. Please do not otherwise use these fields. They may or may not hold cattle or sheep.

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