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If you wish to barbecue, we ask that you use the purpose-built area provided.

This activity poses a fire risk. Any spread of fire onto the moor, particularly in dry weather, could be catastrophic for wildlife, farming and the amenity of the moors.

Appropriate fire precautions should be taken. Ensure you have assessed the risks as they apply to your group.


Barmoor Barbecue code


  • Only use the BBQ site and tools provided.

  • Always have a supply of water available before you start.

  • Do not leave a barbeque fire unattended, and supervise children.

  • Do not store any dry leaves, vegetation, wood or other flammable material near the barbecue site.

  • Before you leave the site, put out the fire with water.

  • Dispose of all litter and waste safely in the bin provided.

  • When the ash is cold put it in the bin, and leave the barbecue clean for the next user.

  • No open fires are permitted in any other area. No barbecues are permitted on the grassed areas, tables, or verandah. Do not cook outside elsewhere.

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