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About us



The house that is Barmoor  provides a unique opportunity for a period of simple living in a safe and stunning rural situation.


It is made available to a variety of  groups to help them achieve their varied objectives through a short period of shared life.

The Barmoor 1982 Trust that runs Barmoor is a charity. It is run by volunteers made up of some 4th and 5th generation descendants of William and Anna Maria Harvey, who were responsible for building Barmoor, along with local residents and interested Quakers.

The Trust works to keep the building in good condition, gradually improving facilities as opportunity and money allow. 


A brief history of Barmoor

Barmoor was built in 1908 by William and Anna Maria Harvey, wealthy Leeds Quakers, as a holiday retreat for themselves and for family and friends.

The house was built in the late Edwardian 'Arts and Crafts Style', the spirit of which is preserved where improvements have been made.

During the First World War it housed Belgian refugees and in the Second War it was used to support training for the Womens Section of the Friends Ambulance Unit, with a focus on dialogue in peace making and relief work.

In 1947 it was given by their eldest son Ted, (T. Edmund Harvey) in trust to enable similar activities to continue.


In 1982 this developed into a Charitable Trust to allow the  benefits and protection of charitable status.


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