How might Covid-19 affect your stay at Barmoor?


As at 28 March 2021 Barmoor is currently closed.

Rules are subject to change, so check here

In the government Roadmap out of Lockdown, at Step 4 there will be no legal limit on social contact from a date to be announced of or after 21 June, and Barmoor may reopen.

We hope we can then stay open for the rest of the year. An allocation of booking dates will be made at the end of April, from amongst applications received by then.

Priority will be given to charities. There is likely to be least pressure on mid-week periods.

  • At Step 2 [on or after 12 April] a Charitable or non-charitable letting to a single household of whatever size may be possible.    'Contact us' to discuss.​

  • At Step 3 [on or after 17 May] a Charitable or non-charitable letting to two households may be possible.    'Contact us' to discuss.

  • In these cases we may be able to adjust advertised fees depending on circumstances.

Barmoor Trustees offer the following advice.

  • Covid has not gone away.

  • The building will be cleaned for Covid safety between groups, but the trustees expect groups to take responsibility for their own Covid safety during their stay.

  • We will be issuing some suggestions for users along with the Covid-19 Risk Assessment.

  • The essence of a stay at Barmoor is shared living. There are no en-suite facilities.

  • Before deciding to come, a group must think how to manage their safety, taking account of possible vulnerabilities of their group members.​

  • We will return booking deposits to any group that becomes unable to visit due to change in government Covid restrictions.

  • Submit any specific questions through ‘Contact Us’.

Any change in this advice will be posted here.