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What is a Charity?


Barmoor 1982 Trust  has been registered as a charity by the Charity Commission [Charity Number 513221].


The law says what activities are charitable. These include things like preventing or relieving poverty, advancing the arts, culture, religion, heritage, science and education.There must be a public benefit, so it has to do positive things, for people's benefit without discrimination.

Charities may not make profits. All the money they raise has to go towards achieving their aims.

A  body is not a charity unless it is registered. Barmoor trustees will consider letting to non-registered organisations with similar objects.

The charitable aims of

The Barmoor 1982 Trust 

The trustees wish to make the house of Barmoor, Hutton le Hole available at economic rates, to groups who might further their purposes through the social benefits of communal living in a unique environment.

Groups renting Barmoor will generally themselves be charities, or not-for-profit organisations providing public benefit particularly by advancement in any of the following fields:  social inclusion; education; health; religion, particularly but not exclusively relating to the Religious Society of Friends; citizenship and community development; the arts, culture heritage or science; human rights, conflict resolution or reconciliation or the promotion of religious or racial harmony or equality and diversity; environmental protection or improvement.


The trustees are

Stephen Rowlands [Chair]

Richard Evens [Vice-chair]

Megan Rowlands [Secretary]

Lucy White [Treasurer]

David Worth

Nelly Trevelyan

Grace Harvey

Jenni Rowntree

Claire Harvey






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