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How will we judge if a group may be eligible for a reduced commercial rate?

Favouring reduced rate




  • A group, even if not formally constituted, that is organised in a way consistent with our Charitable Aims 

and with the Charity Commission requirements of Public Benefit.

  • A non-profit organisation operating for a collective, public or social benefit. Qualities might include:

    • that any revenue exceeding expenses is used for the organisation's purpose, not taken by private parties.

    • accountability to the donors, founders, volunteers, clients, and the public community.

    • an openness to all who have committed time or money to the organisation.

  • A group mutually sharing the burden of cost and domestic activity .

Any decision to offer a reduced commercial rate will be made by the trustees and is final.

Favouring full commercial rate

  • A business aiming to generate a profit for its owners. 

  • A group with no specific purpose other than a group holiday.

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